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Torchwood & Doctor Who

Set the Fire to the Third Bar 20.5MB
Jack. Jack waiting, and looking, finding.
Spoilers: Any and all eps that Jack's been in for s1 and s3 of DW and all of TW.
Length: 3.28min
Format: mp4
(A poorer quality 6.8MB MOV version available here for those having trouble with the mp4 files)

Savin' Me 21MB
Jack/Ten. They both need each other. (It's all travels_in_time's fault!)
Spoilers: Any and all eps that Jack's been in for s1 and s3 of DW and all of TW.
Length: 3.39min
Format: mp4

Beating Like A Drum 17MB
Ten/Master. "Do you still remember me alive?"
Note: I literally woke up one day with the idea in my head. I started the vid at around 1pm, and was finished by mid-night. I think this was the fastest vid I ever made.
Spoilers: DW eps 11 to 13
Length: 3.05min
Format: mp4

Believe 21.4MB
Team Torchwood. They all need something to believe in...and Jack's it.
Note: I don't even know how this one came about. Just listening to my ipod on the tram, the song came on, and suddenly pictures started popping into my head in time to the song. It won't go away, so it got made.
Spoilers: Up to ep 2x07 of TW
Length: 3.49min
Format: mp4

The Mating Game 22MB
If there's such a thing as a PWP vid, this is it.
Pairing: Jack/Jack, Jack/John, Jack/Robot, Jack/TW Lesbians, Jack/Rose, Jack/Nine, Jack/Ten, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen, Jack/Hand, Jack/Robot, Jack/Chanto, Jack/Martha...Ok, fine, Jack/EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! There, happy?! :P
Note: This song has been bugging me to vid it since I heard it more than 2 months ago. I had hoped that the urge would go away, but it didn't. So here it is, after 2 days of my eyes bleeding and head exploding. Many thanks to Kaneko and Skylee for looking through. This is also an experiment in animated titles and transition effects.
Spoilers: Any TW and DW eps with Jack
Length: 2.40min
Format: mp4

Not Enough 42MB
What you want, what you lost, what you had, what is gone is over. What you've got, what you love, what you need, what you have is read. It's not enough, I'm sorry, it's not enough. This is also know as The Vid Where I End Up Wanting To Hug Ianto, Badly
Note: When I first heard this song, I had the vague inkling to vid it. I know I wanted to do a TW vid, but had no clear idea of what it would be. For weeks, whenever the song came up on the shuffle on my iPod, I'd have these vague ideas bugging me, until a few of weeks ago when it finally occurred to me that this was a Jack/Ianto vid. Then it took me another few weeks to figure out whose POV it should be, and once I decided that it was Ianto, the scenes just start coming to me. At that stage, I still haven't any real idea what the vid was about, I was just seeing random scenes to the song. The whole thing didn't come together until this morning, really, after I already posted an earlier version of this thing. I could probably still fiddle with it some more, but I think this is probably as good as it's going to get. I'm not sure how I feel about this end product since it looked better in my head than it does here, but unfortunately, I don't have a computer that can read my mind and reproduce exactly what I want, and my technical skills are somewhat limited. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vid. Also, beware of jump-cuts. Loads of it.
Spoilers:s2 Torchwood, Jack eps of DW
Length: 3.59min
Format: mp4

Become 23MB
This is Martha's journey
Pairing: Martha/Ten (kinda), Martha/Jack (but not really)... OMG, have I made a het vid?!
Note: This is all Jade's fault. See, she linked to her Fandom Free For All post, and I saw the request for a Martha vid set to this song, and after listening closer to the song, realised that yes, it would indeed make a good Martha vid. So, after some emailing back and forth, Jades coming up with an excel spread sheet, us re-watching episodes, and me fiddling with Final Cut and going nuts over the different aspect ratios of the source files, this thing got made.
Spoilers: All DW and TW eps that Martha appeared in.
Length: 4.09min
Format: mp4

All I Need 44MB
Ianto and his relationship with Jack
Note: This was my attempt to get over vidder's version of writer's block and I just started putting random bit of clips to random bit of the song. I love the song, but I don't think this is anywhere close to my best work. There are bits that I absolutely love and bits that I really don't like, so it's a bit strange that way. Enjoy the song anyway! ;) This might be one I go back fiddling with on one of these days when I have the time and have more clips to play with...
Spoilers: All DW and TW eps that Ianto appeared in.
Length: 4.07min
Format: mp4

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